Stilt Walkers

Tall, inquisitive, boisterous characters:

Stilt walkers are actually quite hard to find. You might notice them at a fancy corporate dinner party, or even catch a photo with one at a high end club around the peninsula.

Stilt walkers are a special breed of performers, they love people, fancy costumes, and most of all, heights! Stilt walkers from Spotlight Entertainment most commonly come in a duo or trio option, but of course, the more the merrier!

Stilt walking originated in ancient Greece in the 6th century BC and was used for either traditional or practical reasons. Practically, stilts were used to travel or work in/over marshy or flooded areas, and were also used by shepherds to extend their field of vision while watching flocks of sheep.

Professional stilt walkers normally use either peg stilts or drywall stilts. Peg stilts (or Chinese stilts as they are also known) are used in the circus to run, dance or even jump. The drywall stilts are heavier than peg stilts, but provide the benefit of standing still for extended periods which is popular for entrances to functions as welcome stilt walkers, or roaming the floor for background entertainment.

Whilst farmers in California use stilts to prune and harvest fruit, and in other parts of the world to wash large windows and repair roofs, our stilt walkers are solely of the entertainment kind! If you fear your child might run away at any moment and join the circus, perhaps you should request private stilt lessons to temper (or ignite!) their passion!

Spotlight Entertainment stilt walking performances do not just stop with the average stilt walker. We have juggling stilt walkers, LED stilt walkers, and fire dancing stilt walkers too! If you’d like to combine the fire, lights or juggling balls with a walker of the stilts – you have come to the right place!

Nothing introduces guests to a party quite like beautiful or handsome stilt walkers. They can be outside at the entrance, creating a buzz around queues and lines, and used later for memorable photos with guests. Stilt walkers are great for day or night time entertainment.

We are proud to introduce a new and rare act, fire dancers who have mastered the art of stilt walking. This strictly evening or night time entertainment option provides ambience and interest, and can be coupled with a fellow fire dancing stilt walker or fire dancer on the floor. The fire dancing stilt walker option comes with a runner for safety and convenience during shows.

LED stilt walkers are a night time option, when the bright lights attract much attention. Be sure to have a photographer on standby as no one will forfeit a photo which this robot on stilts.