Fire Performers

Fire performing has become more popular over the past few years, and guests who have spotted a fire act prior are only more excited to witness another performance!

Fire dancing was birthed in Māori culture in New Zealand, usually practised by women using long or short poi to perform, while singing and storytelling. There is currently no real rating system to establish which fire dancers are professional and who are, unfortunately, not. Our fire dancers are set apart not only by talent and experience, but by our strict fire safety standards and dazzling costumes! We suit up to any theme, and believe what we wear is already half the delight!

All of our professional fire performers come from our fire division: the long-standing Flame Dancers.


Fire poi refers to fire chains with balls of burning kevlar at the ends. It works best with dazzling costumes and expert poi technique.

Fire breathing is the act of creating a plume or stream of fire by creating a precise mist of fuel from the mouth over an open flame. (Wikipedia).

Fire breathing emanates so much heat you can feel it from a distance. The art of fire breathing is not recommended for the faint-hearted, and dangerous enough to land you in hospital, or even hades, at your first try! Always have a professional close by if you decide to delve into this ancient art.

All professional fire breathers are very aware of wind direction. Windy venues where winds change direction quickly are not ideal for this act. The fire breathers from Flame Dancers always do an area test, to judge whether fire breathing will be safe. Depending on venue rules, the act is performed inside, but depends on height of ceiling and nearby drape material.

Fire eating is the act of putting a flaming object into the mouth and extinguishing it.” (Wikipedia). There is a large difference between fire eaters and fire breathers. Fire eating is great for corporate entertainment options because the performer can go up to each group of guests to show the art up close. A suggestion is to have a photographer on standby to catch everyone’s expressions! Some guests ask if the fire used is actually the real deal, and want to make sure by feeling if their hand heats up under the flame – they are always thoroughly convinced!

Some of our fire eaters are trained in the art of fire vaping too, where the fire stick is removed from the mouth but the mouth still holds the flame for a short time. Fire vaping can only be done inside or in an area where there is no wind.

This is only for the advanced professionals, the fire rope act will not allow the performer to stop one the performance has started, full ropes full of fire!

Beautiful flowing hoop artists steer their fire hoops around their body from top to bottom.

Fans of flame mixed with petit dancers makes this option an exotic choice.

Sword professionals take their routines to the next level when adding a full blade of fire!

Pretty fire fairies dance and giggle in the fire light of the hand held fire candles. Also works well in a belly dancing routine.

Flaming torches are tossed into the air while the audience holds their breath.

Add a touch of fiery flame to your next burlesque number.

Only for large outside areas, these sparks are fire are whirled around creating a mesmerising daze of fire sparks.