Q: What is fire breathing?
A: Fire breathing is when fuel is taken into the mouth and spat out in a way that turns it into mist. This is then ignited by the fire stick, and due to the dispersed flammable liquid, creates a spectacular fire ball.
Q: What is fire eating?
A: Fire eating is when a flame stick is put into the mouth and held there for a period of time after which it is distinguished by closing the mouth and breathing out carbon dioxide over the flame thereby suffocating it. There are many other fire eating practises such as ‘vaping’ or ‘dragon breath’ depending on the level of expertise of the fire performer.

Q: What is the difference between fire eating and fire breathing?

A: Fire breathing creates a fire ball outside of the mouth, whilst fire eating extinguishes the flame inside the mouth.
Q: What are the dangers of fire breathing?
A: The danger level of both fire eating and fire breathing is the likelihood of inhaling the flames, causing damage to your voice box, lungs, or both. Even with a professional present, no one under the age of 18, or inebriated, should attempt these fire arts as the consequences could be devastating. See this link for what can happen.